Original flavour.


An art of balancing real beer character. 


Pivo Svetlý Ležák 

Local genuine Czech beer is always made from domestic raw materials that have been developed here for centuries and has the technology of our ancestors.


Alc. 4,5 %

Aluminium can

Vol. 500 ml

24 pc

Body 0%
Brightness 0%
Acidity 0%
Sweetness 0%
Fruity 0%

Czech traditional taste

The town of Královice was probably founded sometime in the late 13th or early 14th century and since its inception it has been divided into a large number of estates of various ruling families.

We make the traditional kind of beer that have a great taste, fullness and its own local character.


It is a certain tradition that is passed down in the brewery from generation to generation and it is also a typical effort of Czech brewers to know and understand the production process of beer. Thanks to that, we have our typical Czech type of beer