The legend of brewery


Drink a pint of Česká history. 

Czech brewery

Česká Pinta is a brewing family. For generations we've been custodians of a legacy that began so long ago. Today, our unique brand of original Pilsner are enjoyed around the world and we're still making these beers using the same traditional brewing methods.

Remarkable story

Actually our region is a real paradise for beer connoisseurs. Lots of best beer types is making here. Czech beer has one of the longest histories of any beer in the world. The first brewery was opened in 993 AD. The monastery in one of the Prague district started brewing beer in the 10th Century and well known beverege is still producing there nowadays.

Pilsner style

One of the world famouse Pilsner style of beer first appeared in the 19th century in the city called Plzeň. Brewers discovered a bottom-fermenting yeast which produced a golden and well drinkable beer. There is no doubt that the “original” pilsner is the most beloved beer in the country. The original Czech lager beer is still one of the best in the world, especially when sampled in its homeland.