Caramel porter


Using a traditional technological approach


Caramel porter

Dark beer characterised by its rich head, sweet taste, gentle bitterness and deep black colour. The beer is brewed using a traditional technological approach

Alc. 5,9 %

Aluminium can

Vol. 500 ml

24 pc

Caramel scent 0%
Body 0%
Fading out 0%
Hop aroma 0%
Sweetness 0%

Dark Caramel porter

A dark option created using four types of malt and Czech hop varieties. The combination of special colour malts gives the beer a full caramel flavour with traces of roasted black coffee and dried plums. Round malt flavour, decent bitterness, velvet foam absolutely invite you to take another sip and nibble something sweet.

Caramelized malt gives the beer its unique ruby color and sweet taste, which makes it appreciated all over the world.